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Swiss flights

Zeppelin airships flew more than 80 times to Switzerland during the period from 1908 to 1936 and a few times to Lichtenstein. Most of these flights were short trips of the airship LZ 127 (Graf Zeppelin) without a landing on Swiss ground. But there were a few exceptions: the landing to Basel, Bern, Zurich (Dübendorf) and Geneva.

As it was common to write postcards during the flight, it is fair to assume that so called "board post" exists from most of the flights. However, real mail drops to a Swiss city occurred only during about one third of the flights. The following table lists the flights to Switzerland and Lichtenstein, according to the 22nd edition of the Zeppelin Post Catalogue (Sieger-Verlag, 2001). 

Zeppelin Name of flight


Mail drop (? = only board post) *
Flight with landing
LZ127 (Graf Zeppelin) Flight to Zürich-Dübendorf 02.11.1929 Dübendorf, Winterthur, Frauenfeld (=St. Gallen)
  Flight to Geneva 14.09.1930 Geneva, Zurich
  Flight to Bern and Basel 12.10.1930 Bern, Basel, Zurich
Flight with no landing
LZ4 (Z II) 12-hours Switzerland flight 01.07.1908  Winterthur, Bürglen, Wettingen, Lucerne, Zug, Zürich, Frauenfeld
  Long distance flight 04.08.1908 Schaffhausen, Basel
LZ6 (Z III) Short flight over Bodensee 04.09.1909 Arbon
  Flight to Romanshorn 25.09.1909 ?
  Flight to Konstanz, Uttwil, Romanshorn 26.09.1909 ?
  Bodensee round trip, u.a. Romanshorn 30.09.1909 ?
LZ8 (Deutschland)   31.03.1911 St. Gallen
LZ10 (Schwaben) 1st passenger trip, Romanshorn, Rorschach 16.07.1911 ?
  Switzerland flight 20.07.1911 Brunnen, Zurich
LZ 11 (Viktoria Luise)   05.03.1912 Sisselen
LZ126 (ZR III) Switzerland flight 11.09.1924 Basel, Lucerne, Zurich

Transfer flight to Lakehurst, North America 12.10.1924 Möhlin, Allschwil
LZ127 (Graf Zeppelin) Flight to South Germany 20.09.1928 Basel
  1st America flight 11.10.1928 Rheinfelden, Basel
  Trial flight, Bodensee area 18.02.1929 St. Gallen, Rorschach
  Garage flight 22.02.1929 Romanshorn
  America flight, interrupted in Cuers 16.05.1929 Basel
  Flight into the occupied territory 28.07.1929 Eichberg (St. Gallen)
  America flight, outward journey 01.08.1929 Basel
  America flight, return journey 10.08.1929 Basel, Schaffhausen-Neuhausen
  World round trip, return journey USA-Germany 04.09.1929 Porrentruy (Pruntrut), Basel
  1st Switzerland flight 1929 26.09.1929 Basel, Solothurn, Biel, Neuchatel, Geneva, Lausanne, Fribourg, Bern, Luzcern, Zurich, Gossau, St. Gallen
  2nd Switzerland flight 1929 27.09.1929 Interlaken, Genf, Einsiedeln
  3rd Switzerland flight 1929 27.09.1929 Fribourg, Lausanne, Eigergletscher, Jungfraujoch, Zurich, St. Gallen, Chur
  4th Switzerland flight 1929 02.10.1929 Basel, Biel, Bern, Lucerne, Zurich, Zürich-Fluntern, Romanshorn-Winterthur
  5th Switzerland flight 1929 06.10.1929 Zurich-Flugplatz, Baden, Bern
  Spain flight 23.10.1929 Basel
  50th flight of LZ127. Flight to Bodensee area 15.11.1929 Romanshorn, St. Gallen
  Switzerland flight 12.04.1930 Basel
  Switzerland flight 02.05.1930 Lausanne
  Short trip to Switzerland  13.05.1930 ?
  Switzerland flight 17.06.1930 ?
  Short trip to Switzerland  27.06.1930 ?
  Short trip to Switzerland  01.07.1930 ?
  Switzerland flight 04.07.1930 St. Gallen
  Short trip to Switzerland  26.07.1930 ?
  Short trip to East Switzerland  01.08.1930 ?
  Short trip to West Switzerland  01.08.1930 ?
  Flight to Switzerland and flight to Vaduz 19.08.1930 Vaduz
  Short trip to Switzerland  27.08.1930 ?
  Short trip to East Switzerland  29.08.1930 ?
  Short trip to West Switzerland  29.08.1930 ?
  Short trip to Switzerland  19.09.1930 ?
  Switzerland flight of Württemberg car club 19.09.1930 ?
  Short trip to Switzerland  02.10.1930 ?
  Short trip to Switzerland  03.10.1930 ?
  Four short trip to Switzerland  14.-24.10.1930 ?
  Short trip to Switzerland  02.11.1930 ?
  Werkstättenfahrt in die Schweiz 02.05.1931 ?
  Short trip to Switzerland  02.06.1931 ?
  Short trip to Switzerland  05.06.1931 ?
  Flight Vaduz to Lausanne 10.06.1931 Lausanne, Frick
  Short trip to Switzerland  19.06.1931 ?
  Short trip to Switzerland  23.06.1931 ?
  Short trips to Switzerland  07.07.1931 ?
  Short trip to Switzerland  24.08.1931 ?
  Flight to  Lausanne 31.08.1931 Lausanne
  Zurich flight 11.09.1931 Zurich
  Short trip to Switzerland  03.11.1931 ?
  Short trip to Switzerland  04.06.1932 ?
  Short trip to Switzerland  07.06.1932 ?
  Switzerland flight - 250th flight 28.06.1932 Zurich
  Short trip to Switzerland  30.06.1932 ?
  Short trip to Switzerland  05.07.1932 ?
  ADAC Switzerland flight, into Allgäu and Bayern 06.07.1932 ?
  9 Short trips to Switzerland  02.-23.08.1932 ?
  Short trips to Switzerland  26.05.1933 ?
  Short trips to Switzerland  20.06.1933 ?
  Short trip to Switzerland  22.06.1933 ?
  Switzerland flight 18.07.1933 Bern
  Short trip to Switzerland  20.07.1933 ?
  Short trip to Switzerland  24.05.1934 ?
  Switzerland flight 10.07.1934 Zurich
  4 Short trips to Switzerland  10.-12.07.1934 ?
  Short trip to Switzerland  27.09.1934 ?
LZ129 (Hindenburg) Test flight to Switzerland 05.03.1936 no postal service
  Krupp round trip to Switzerland 16.06.1936 ?
* If you have any oiginal reports, photographies or postal items, is more than happy to collect them.